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Benefits of Chimney Sweeping!

  • Prevent Chimney Fires
  • Eliminate Carbon Monoxide
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Comfort and Warmth

10+ Years Experience

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Chimney Sweeping

Our Chimney Sweep/Clean Service Includes:

  • Fireplace Cleaning includes no-mess cleaning of the chimney flue, smoke chamber, and smoke shelf.
  • Wood Stove Cleaning includes no-mess cleaning of the chimney flue, steel chimney, or steel liner.
  • Wood Stove Cleaning also means that the breach pipes will be hand brushed and vacuumed. Also, the inside stove components will be cleaned too.

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Our Professional Service Includes:

  • A canvas tarp will be used to protect flooring in front of any appliance during the cleaning/sweep process.
  • To keep you home soot and dust-free, we use and industrial, high powered, Hepa filtered vacuum.
  • A chimney sweep/clean typically takes 1 hour to complete.
  • All ashes are bagged and left for your disposal.

Additional Fees For:

  • Chimney Blockage Removal (bird nests and other blockages)
  • Replacement of Fire Brick
  • Chimney Covers and Caps – Click here

Payment Methods:

Cash, Interac Debit, Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover & Cheque

Fully insured & WSIB compliant.